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Size Chart

Vida Leche Amor carries sizes Extra Small through Extra Large.  Vida Leche Amor is designed to fit throughout the full-term breastfeeding relationship and beyond, and runs true to size, unlike some nursingwear that is designed and cut to fit only during the immediate postpartum period.  Our fabrics are stretchy, so if you are debating between two sizes at the beginning of your postpartum journey and still expect to lose a little weight, we recommend going with the smaller size.  The garments will stretch to accommodate you now, but will bounce back to fit as you continue on your breastfeeding journey.  Vida Leche Amor is cut to primarily fit at the bust, so if you are between dress sizes, go by your breast size: for larger busts, go up in size and for smaller busts, go down in size.  We know this can be a difficult time to shop, and we are happy to help you decide on sizing - just email for assistance.  We also accept returns and exchanges if the fit doesn't work for you.  


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