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Livin' la Vida Leche

Check out some of our beautiful moms Livin' la Vida Leche!  


Katia, in our Isla Nursing Dress, writes:  "Yeah I know I posted this photo before BUT I forgot to mention that this is actually a BREASTFEEDING dress. It was so easy feeding Chunk in this at church yesterday and you couldn't even tell I was feeding him unless you already knew. If you're a breastfeeding mom I suggest you shop with Vida Leche Amor Their clothing is BEAUTIFUL and COMFY #vidalecheamor #normalizebreastfeeding"


Laura Perlongo in Vida Leche Amor's Waverly Dress

Laura Perlongo (@el_peego) feeding her brand new baby, Cleo, while dining out in our Waverly Nursing Top.


I love this dress! Just in time for the holidays! Finally a dress I can nurse in!  -Anne


I just wore my Opal dress to my daughter's one year photoshoot.  This is my favorite shot.  Thank you for making such great quality clothing that make nursing in a pinch so easy!  -Kara



This is my new favorite 'little black dress.' The fit defines your shape (but still loose enough that you don't feel you need to suck it in...) so let's just say that it's sexy AND comfortable- that's an amazing combination of characteristics in my opinion!! I love the leather like detail at the neck. I was recently searching my closet for something to wear for a Mom's Night Out and this was perfect."  -Eva





I ended up wearing both the Callie and the Nova for my daughter's one year photo shoot. I love both pieces so much! In the one photo of me sitting down I am actually nursing Nina while wearing the Nova top. :)  -Kate


In love with this dress from Vida Leche Amor! No one believed me that it was a nursing dress until I showed them!  Four weeks postpartum & 10lbs to my goal weight + some toning up to do; must say I'm feeling pretty good about myself today!  -Marly 


Nursing in Cinderella's castle and even my nearly weaned child can still benefit from this dress.  -Elyse



Feeling beautiful as I watch my oldest take the stage in her first recital... nursing her baby sister, 21 month, Camille.    



We'd love to see you living your breastfeeding lifestyle in Vida Leche Amor clothes!  To be featured on our Livin' la Vida Leche page, email your photo and/or story to design@vidalecheamor.  

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