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     Vida Leche Amor is a collection of colorful and contemporary tops and dresses designed to fit and flatter a woman's changing body throughout the entire full-term breastfeeding relationship.  Each piece in the Vida Leche Amor collection is designed for quick and easy access, whether you are relaxing and nursing your baby comfortably on the couch, squeezing in a quick pumping session between meetings at work, or out on the town breastfeeding while babywearing.  All of our fabrics are stretchy, soft, comfortable for mom and baby, and easy to care for.  Vida Leche Amor is proudly and ethically made in the United States with the utmost attention to detail, quality and fit.  Each piece an investment that can be confidently worn while nursing multiple children and even after your children have weaned with no trace of the clothes' original breastfeeding function.














      My name is Lauren Gottschalk-Scher.  My ongoing journey through motherhood and experiences with attachment parenting and full-term breastfeeding inspired me to create Vida Leche Amor.  When I had my first child in 2010, I was working full time as a fashion designer for a mass market sweater company in New York City.  The challenges of balancing my work life with new motherhood were compounded daily by trying to find a way to dress myself in fashionable, professional clothes that allowed for quick and easy pumping breaks throughout my extremely busy day in an office that wasn't used to breastfeeding moms.  

     Soon after returning to work, my husband and I decided to move to Northampton, Massachusetts, where I would become a stay at home mom. My life soon completely revolved around my infant son, whose sensitive, active, and persistent nature presented itself immediately upon birth.  He nursed constantly around the clock and had to be close to me at all times.  Babywearing was a daily necessity, as was being able to give my son instant, easy, unencumbered nursing access whether at home or on the go.  His needs not only dictated my life, but what I could wear each day.

     As time passed, my son grew bigger and my body returned to its pre-pregnancy size, but his need to nurse immediately on demand with no interference remained.  The loose-fitting nursing tanks that felt “forgiving” immediately postpartum began to feel frumpy and burdensome.  My once colorful and fashionable wardrobe was replaced by ill-fitting, colorless, matronly nursingwear.  I loved my baby immensely, and didn't mind that my life and my body now belonged to him, but I longed for just a small piece of myself back – just a little bit of color and pattern.

     I soon realized that my commitment to full-term breastfeeding and desire to have more children meant that I would be living in nursing clothes for many years, not just a few months.  I breastfed my two oldest children almost consistently for 4 ½ years before my third son was born in September, 2015.  I expect that my youngest will also nurse for at least two years, which will mean that by the end of my breastfeeding journey, I will have spent at least 7 years exclusively wearing breastfeeding-friendly clothes.  With new information about the benefits of breastfeeding being discovered every day and the ongoing normalization of full-term breastfeeding through toddlerhood, I knew I wasn't alone in my desire for updated nursingwear options.

     I designed Vida Leche Amor based on my love of pattern and color, along with my extensive experiences with breastfeeding and pumping in a wide variety of settings and circumstances.  You name it, I've nursed an excessively impatient baby or toddler there!  I believe that breastfeeding is a gift for both mother and child, and I have poured my passion and experiences into Vida Leche Amor, making sure each piece is carefully designed, constructed, and tested for both fashion and function.  Vida Leche Amor makes breastfeeding wherever, whenever and for however long you choose easier while allowing you to dress joyfully in a celebration of Life, Love, and Milk.


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