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Tandem Nursing Saved my Nursing Relationship with my Second Son

Posted on 31 December 2015

I had a traumatic birth with my oldest son, but breastfeeding helped me come to terms with everything that happened, and helped us both heal. It became a huge part of who I was as a person. When my husband and I decided to try for another baby while still nursing my toddler, I did plenty of research and decided that nursing through pregnancy was the best decision for my son and me. Unfortunately, I dealt with serious nursing aversion, but we made it through the pregnancy! This ended up saving my nursing relationship with my second son who was born with a severe tongue and lip tie that left him unable to nurse effectively. My 2 year old kept my supply up while I dealt with my baby's ties. Nursing a 4 and almost-2 year old was not my original plan, but I wouldn't change a thing about it. There are times that are difficult, but then I look down at my sweet boys and see them holding hands or poking each other in the eye and laughing, and realize there is nothing sweeter. Tandem nursing has strengthened their brotherly bond, and makes me feel like a super mom! I now find myself trying to normalize full-term breastfeeding and help other moms realize how wonderful it can be!

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